Dr. James Strawn DDS

Dr. James Strawn DDS has lived in Florida most of his life. His parents, both Florida natives, moved back to the state when he was 7. He attended dental school at Virginia Commonwealth University because Florida did not have a dental school. After serving as a dentist in the Air Force for two years, he returned to Florida to open a practice. As a youngster, Okeechobee was the first place he lived. He came to Fort Pierce to shop and fish and had fond memories. When he came down to take the Florida (Dental) Boards, Fort Pierce was one of the first places he looked into and decided it was the perfect place. Dr. Strawn opened his practice over 25 years ago.

Dr. Strawn emphasizes a friendly touch and has been in this area his entire practice career. It is not uncommon for Dr. Strawn to treat the kids and grand kids of people he served way back. He deeply values the relationships that have been built, and always welcomes new patients. It’s a warm, family atmosphere. The staff are all good friends and there’s a nice team spirit that makes people more relaxed. They feel the warmth and caring. That is often missing in the health care field, but not at Midway Dental Center!

In addition, many patients come in with anxieties about dentists. Dr. Strawn and Midway Dental Center pride themselves on being able to connect on a level that has patients relaxed.

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