Avoid these escapades to prevent a toothache

If you have experienced a toothache before, you know exactly how excruciating it is. After all, the constant sharp, throbbing and dull pain is hard to forget, isn’t it? And, it is unfortunate that a toothache is also capable of causing other potential medical problems such as a headache, fever, and foul smell etc. So, what is a toothache? In a nutshell, it is a dental condition which causes pain around the jaws and teeth area.

Scuba diving activities and any adventurous activity that involves traveling in air may help replenish your soul, but it can also lead to a toothache. How so? Well, both the activities feature fluctuations in pressure which have been scientifically proven to be detrimental for your teeth. When you are on an airplane, you are exposed to low air pressure. And, while you are out in the ocean scuba diving, you experience high air pressure.

When in an airplane, you are most likely to experience a toothache during takeoff and landing; it is usually during this time when the air pressure fluctuates often and rapidly. When you are scuba diving, you are most likely to experience pain in your tooth when you descend to the depths and when you ascend back to the surface. This sensation of pain is well-documented and is popularly referred to by frequent scuba divers as ¨tooth squeeze.¨

Therefore, if you are susceptible to toothaches even when on the surface, it would be best if you avoid scuba diving and frequent plane rides. You wouldn´t want the pain to intensify now, would you? The worst part about flying and scuba diving is the fact that the activities could potentially cause you to experience a toothache that you have never experienced before.

In many cases, experiencing a toothache during the aforementioned activities could signify concealed dental complications. How so? For instance, the rotting of teeth and faulty filings may lead to gaps and holes which could, in turn, trap air, causing one to experience a toothache when there is a change in pressure. A cracked tooth could also result in a toothache simply because of its inability to inhibit the sudden and rapid changes in air pressure.

Hence, we would recommend you to pay a visit to your dentist before indulging in scuba diving activities and any adventurous activity that involves traveling in air. It is always better to be safe than sorry in pain.

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