Could ClearCorrect be the Smile Straightening Treatment for You?

If you’re looking for an unobtrusive teeth straightening treatment, then ClearCorrect might be just the thing for you. The treatment involves wearing a series of tailor-made, clear, removable aligners which will gradually move your teeth little by little until the desired result is achieved.

How Does It Works

There are four phases in this aligner therapy. In each phase, you will wear a fresh set of aligners for a period of around three weeks. The gap between different phases allow for flexibility and control.

You’ll need to wear your ClearCorrect aligners almost throughout the day, at least for twenty-two hours out of twenty-four, except while drinking, eating, flossing, and brushing. Aesthetically built, ClearCorrect aligners are hardly noticeable and don’t impact your everyday routine.

Results are noticeable after each phase, as your teeth start to adjust and align to the kind of smile you want. You’ll need to meet your dentist periodically for check-ups. After completion of each phase, your dentist will monitor your progress and give you the next set of ClearCorrect aligners. This step is repeated until you achieve your desired smile or your treatment is complete.

The entire treatment period can be 1 to 2 years, depending on your individual condition and the extent of misalignment. Three different treatment options are available:

Limited 6 – The treatment involves six sets of aligners

Limited 12 – The treatment involves twelve sets.

Unlimited – The treatment continues until the desired result is achieved; there’s no limit to the number of sets that can be used.

The treatment cost differs from one option to another, with Unlimited being the most costly and Limited 6 being the least. Your dentist will help you determine which treatment option is best suited for you.

What are the benefits?

ClearCorrect straightens teeth invisibly—and that’s its biggest advantage. Show off your smile confidently while you wear them, because no one is likely to notice them.

These aligners are very comfortable to wear and extremely easy to remove. There are no wires where food can get trapped or which can come in the way while flossing.

You don’t need to change your diet during the course of treatment.

Who’s a good candidate for ClearCorrect?

Currently, ClearCorrect is available for treating both teenagers and adults. Elderly with more complicated dental issues and children with missing adult teeth might also be prescribed ClearCorrect.

ClearCorrect is a viable treatment option for these orthodontic conditions:

  • Widely spaced teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Under Bites
  • Over Bites
  • Rotated or crooked teeth

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