Here at Midway, we offer removable partial dentures and removable full dentures. We have our own onsite lab technician that allows us the freedom to fabricate the best fitting denture possible. There is a process to create a denture ensuring it will fit each individual need and we strive to provide the best care during the process. 

Your process will consist of a minimum of 4 visits using 4-6 weeks to complete and is as follows:

Appointment 1: Let’s get this party started! Impressions of BOTH arches are taken to begin process. HALF of the total amount will be due at this time as well. You may have to wait 2 weeks as oppose to 1 week until the next visit depending on material needed to make your denture/partial. (Acrylic or Metal Based) Your assistant will let you know.

Appointment 2: Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Wax! Wax Bite Registration is completed this day which consists of Dr. Strawn measuring your occlusion and midline using wax products that you will bite down on for a short period of time.

Appointment 3: Dress Rehearsal Time!  This is a try-in with all teeth set in place using wax. This visit consists of approving or changing how the denture/partial looks.  For example, we will be checking the color, size, shape and overall look. But don’t be discouraged because we are NOT going by feel at this visit! We know it will feel bulky and somewhat uncomfortable as it will still be in wax form. If we move forward from this visit with changes, a 2nd try in visit may be suggested to make sure the changes are to your liking. Please take your time at this visit and notice ANYTHING visually you do not like about your denture. It needs to be corrected here, not at finish.

Appointment 4: Check you out! This is the visit where we deliver your denture/partial! Grab that mirror and check yourself out! Feel something high? Sharp? Feel too big? Don’t worry! That is all normal and we will get it comfortable.  Note though that sometimes it may take multiple visits for your denture to settle in and get comfortable. We will see you for adjustments to make denture/partial comfortable and able to function at no additional charge.* If you are unhappy with the aesthetics of your denture at this point, a fee for a new one to be made will apply. Appointment 3 ensures that you agree to finish it the way it looks.

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