Do You Know Your Gum Health Numbers?

Do You Know Your Gum Health Numbers?

YOU MUST HAVE BEEN LAID BACK in our dental chair and wondered what the numbers mean that our hygienist calls out while examining your gums? We at Midway Dental Center in Fort Pierce are reading gum pocket depths in your mouth, and they’re an important part of monitoring your gum health. Do you know your gum health numbers?

We Can Measure Inflammation With Pocket Readings 

The depth of the pocket is the gums’ level of adherence to the teeth.

The gums can become inflamed if there is any infection. When inflamed they pull away from the teeth slightly which makes the pocket between teeth and gums deeper. The deeper the pockets, the higher the risk of gum disease.

At Midway Dental Center in Fort Pierce, Dr. James Strawn, DDS and his staff use a labeled probe to see how deep the pockets go. 1–3 millimeters is a good reading. Any higher than that, and you may be in the danger zone!

Inflammation Leads To Gum Disease 

Bacteria harbors in those deep pockets, and can cause more inflammation and detachment, so it’s important to counteract the first signs of encroaching gum disease right away. Gingivitis is the early stage of gum disease when the condition is reversible, with focused oral care for your gums and teeth.

Although, an infection that has worsened an developed into periodontitis, which is a more complex condition to care for and requires consistent care and possibly, further intensive treatments.

Your Periodontal Health Should Be Taken Seriously

The most common cause for tooth loss in adults is periodontal disease. Eighty percent of adults possibly have some level of gum disease. Periodontal disease is something that everyone should take seriously.

Take responsibility for your own dental health. Talk to us about your gum pocket readings. You can even ask to have a mirror and watch as we measure. Ask us what you can do to reduce your risk. And if you have gum disease, take action to get control of the infection right away!

One Of The Biggest Prevention Habits Is Flossing

Dental cleanings at your regularly scheduled appointments by our team will help fight gum disease, particularly when accompanied by your attentive oral care at home, such as flossing daily. Please contact us with any of your oral health questions at (772) 464-4822!

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