Gum Disease & Diabetes = Double Trouble!

Gum Disease And Diabetes are a Double Trouble Pair

Recent studies have revealed an unfortunate relationship between gum disease and diabetic symptoms. Our body gives us all clues about how it’s doing and not many are more mindful of these clues than those with diabetes. Diabetes requires frequent checks of blood sugar levels, planning dietary options carefully, and monitoring of other symptoms closely. But with all the things diabetics have to consider, they often miss warning signs from another crucial area—the mouth.

It’s About Bacteria

People with diabetes have a decreased ability to fight bacteria that invade the body and cause infection. Gums become sensitive and swollen when bacteria in the mouth that are harmful are allowed to build-up. Inflamed, bleeding gums not only weaken the structure holding in place the teeth, but also provide an access point for bacteria to enter the bloodstream. Bacteria in the bloodstream makes it difficult to maintain blood sugar levels by aggravating diabetic symptoms.

A vicious cycle occurs when a diabetic’s gums are made more susceptible to infection as a result of the condition and in-turn infected gums, negatively effect the diabetic conditions.

3 Keys To Managing Oral Health, Diabetes & as a result Gum Disease

  1. Stay in touch with your doctor AND with Midway Dental Center. Follow your doctor’s diabetes management plan, and relay any changes in your condition. Make sure your doctor has our contact information and keeps us informed as appropriate. Regular dental appointments are a must & MUST be kept.
  2. Blood glucose level need to be maintained and recommended medication taken as prescribed. You will be less likely to develop gum infections when your blood sugar is well managed.
  3. Good habits for oral care need to be established and maintained. Gently massage and clean your gums when you brush two times and floss at least once daily. If you have any questions or concerns about brushing or flossing let Dr. Strawn and the Midway Dental Center staff advise you on specific techniques.

We can Help You in the Management of Diabetes

We understand that living with diabetes presents a host of extra things to think about every day. We want to ease that burden by providing personalized care to our diabetic patients. If you know someone with diabetes, share this information with them!

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be part of your health-conscious lifestyle.

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