Losing Teeth And Bite Problems

Losing your teeth as an adult is cause for concern,as it may cause you a fair amount of discomfort. Losing teeth can be painful and can make biting an uncomfortable experience. Thankfully, with speedy action, loosened teeth can be reversed before further damage is done and the teeth are lost.


A very prevalent cause of lost teeth is tooth and gum decay and disease. Thisdisease can cause your teeth and gums to separate and your teeth to become loose. In some situations, you may eventually lose your teeth. Other reasons for losing teeth include trauma caused by an accident, a fall or a sports injury. Serious illnesses such as cancer and autoimmune diseases are also of the most common reasons for lost teeth.

This loss of teeth can cause bite problems. These bite problems can cause speech issues, teeth wear and tear and may eventually cause injuries to your teeth and joints. Common bite problems are underbites, spacing, protrusions, overbite and other associated conditions.


Treatment of bite problems may vary depending on the kind of issue. If the issue originates from a loosetooth then that tooth has to be replaced in order to fix the situation. In the case of loss of teeth due to gum disease, the disease is first diagnosed and treated, after which replacement teeth are installed. Mechanical means can also be applied to balance the forces that act upon the teeth.


Lost teeth can cause a number of problems, some hidden and some explicit. These problems range from a broken smile, bite problems, to loss of your jawbone. If you have loose teeth or have lost a tooth, it is best to talk to an expert such as Dr. Civin at civinsmiles.com.

Hesitation to consult after the loss of a tooth may lead to bite problems and may need further intervention later.

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