Oral Sedation at Midway Dental Center

Not all of us have good memories of going to the dentist. In fact, for some people, just the buzzing of the drill is enough to make them wish they weren’t there. For others, a bad experience in a dentist’s office has them terrified to ever go in again unless they absolutely must.

Now, I will grant you that going to the dentist can be a little nerve-wracking. Thoughts such as, “What if I need a root canal?” or, “What if I need a tooth extracted might be going through your mind. And it’s a small wonder if these are your concerns since they can be painful if done without some form of numbing or sedation.

I Don’t Like Injections!

That’s okay, a lot of dentists don’t particularly like to give them either. Hands up anyone who has had the numbing agent injected into their gums, only to find that it kicks in after you have left?

Now, admittedly, the injection itself is not that bad, you just feel a quick twinge, but it can mean time being wasted, waiting for anumbing agent to kick in.

Give me a Pill

If you are not all that happy with the idea of injections, a simple solution is Oral Sedation. This works pretty simply – you will be given a pill to take around an hour or so before your appointment.

By the time you get to your appointment, you’ll be nicely relaxed.

Safety Tips with Oral Sedation

Speak to your dentist about what medication they will give you to sedate you and be sure to tell them what medication you are already taking. Interactions could be dangerous, and so they must know this upfront.

Here are some more general safety tips:

  • It is best to get someone to take you to your appointment, rather than to drive there yourself. Have them fetch you after as well.
  • If you are walking, to the offices, have someone walk with you in case the medication makes you a little loopy.
  • Don’t drink when taking the medication. Let’s say that you have an afternoon appointment with your dentist and you decide to take the pill at the same time. Do NOT wash it down with some wine. This could cause increased sedation and be extremely dangerous.

All in all, though oral sedation is a great way for you to get your dentistry out of the way. Schedule your appointment so that a few matters are dealt with at once, and you’ll practically sleep through the whole process.

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