Preventive Care: Why Men are 33% Less Likely to Seek It

Men 33% Less Likely Than Women To Seek Preventive Dental Care:

Yes, you’re tough…You kill it at work, you’re a remarkable and significant spouse, you’re training for your next triathlon, and you volunteer at the soup kitchen on weekends. But guess what? You’re no match for gum disease, tooth decay, or oral cancer without a little assistance.

Men’s Oral Health Risks Are Higher

Medications – Do you take medication for a heart condition, or to regulate blood pressure? Because this is more common in men than women, men are more likely to suffer dry-mouth side effects—and dry mouth increases gum disease and cavity risk.
Tobacco and/or Alcohol Consumption – Men tend to consume more alcohol than women, which greatly increases oral cancer risk.
Routine Oral Hygiene – Men are less likely than women to brush twice a day. Men 66%, Women 86%.
Regular Checkups – According to a 2011 study, women are almost twice as likely as men to have received a regular dental check-up in the past year.

Your Oral Health Is Connected To Your Body Health

Consider these facts:
  • Some studies have linked periodontal disease to heart problems, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes.
  • Men with periodontal disease are 49% more likely to get kidney cancer, and 54% more likely to get pancreatic cancer.
  • Gum inflammation is connected to prostate inflammation which affects many men as they age.
  • Oral cancer kills one person every hour, and the majority of those are men. Screenings during regular check-ups is the best preventive strategy.

This Isn’t Just About Your Health

In your professional life, a confident smile helps establish authority and supports memorable business connections. In your personal life, it can open doors in amazing ways. Most importantly, you should feel confident about your healthy, functional, engaging smile.

No More Neglecting Your Oral Health, Guys

Now that you can clearly see how important this topic is, pass the information along to your buddies. And thanks for being our valued patient. We’re interested, and we care about you. If you have any questions or concerns about your oral health contact us at (772) 464-4822.

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