The Right Toothbrush

Have you ever asked yourself which toothbrush is the right toothbrush? Taking a look down the dental isle at your local supermarket or pharmacy & you might be standing there a long time contemplating the wide selection.

All the Choices

Presently, the toothbrush choices range in…

  • styles
  • designs
  • colors
  • bristle textures
  • new technologies
  • and much more

Looks might be what catches your eye & makes you consider a particular toothbrush purchase. The truly correct toothbrush choice is not only an eye-catcher, but one that ultimately helps maintain oral health.

The Right Toothbrush for Good Oral Health in 6+1…

  1. Bristle texture

Believe it or not soft bristles do the best job removing plaque & debris from your teeth & dental professionals agree. Soft bristles are also the best for those of us with sensitive teeth & gums. Even so, cosmetic dentures, dental implants & dental veneers are cleaned better with medium to hard bristle toothbrushes.

  1. Brush head size

The best toothbrush for your unique mouth is one that will & can reach all of your teeth. It is for this reason that small or smaller headed toothbrushes are most likely the best option.

  1. Handle length

We all have different size hands & your toothbrush handle should be long enough to fit comfortably in your hand while holding it during your regular cleaning routine. A handle that is too long or too short will feel un-natural & make brushing your teeth a less than enjoyable time.

  1. Battery powered

Battery-powered toothbrushes have been proven to be more effective teeth cleaners than their manual counterparts. They are also great for those of us that lack dexterity & have conditions such as arthritis.

  1. Expert recommendation

Look for toothbrushes labeled with the American Dental Association (ADA) seal of approval. This shows they have been tested for safety & quality. With the ADA seal toothbrushes are the safest for use & won’t cause hazards like loose or sharp bristles &/or hardware.

  1. The design

The best toothbrush for you feels comfortable and allows you to reach all the sides of your teeth for a thorough & effective cleaning. There are so many different features that can confuse consumers in the selection process, but simply focus on your personal comfort & the vast selection won’t be all that daunting.

Replace your toothbrush every 3 months, after any illness or when the bristles start to ware whichever comes first. Worn bristles can actually do damage to your sensitive gum tissue.  Also, continuing to use a toothbrush after an illness like the common cold will result in the spreading of germs & possibly re-acquiring the illness.

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