The Bite Pressure of the Human Jaw

How does the bite pressure of the human jaw matches up against those of animals? What we lack in sheer power, we make for in complexity and precision.

Bite Stability

Try this experiment for yourself; to demonstrate your jaws bite stability, use a peanut M&M and allow yourself to only eat the chocolate candy around the nut hidden inside. Now, you can eat the nut. Your jaw control is so definite that it can stop & adjust the pressure needed in the middle of its bite. The pressure used to eat the chocolate candy outside is quite different than that that’s used to go through the peanut. To top it off, there is the synchronization amongst muscle, brain, tongue, teeth & mouth that makes it all possible.

Bite Efficiency

The human jaw has less muscle mass other primates. Humans don’t have reduces strength though but instead their jaws are more efficient. The structure of the human jaw enables it to be 40-50% more so than others similar species.

Bite Care

While the human bite can withstand large amounts of pressure; the teeth that execute the bite are more delicate. So be careful when we are chewing hard things like nuts and candies.

Bite/Jaw Issues

The human jaw can develop problems, like any intricate system. Examples are…

  • The jaw can lock up
  • Became abnormally sore
  • Pain & soreness can also be the cause of mild to severe headaches

If you are having these or any other concerns, visit us about potential causes and solutions.

Our concern is not merely in your teeth, but in your entire oral health.  

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