The Link Between Your Teeth and Your Overall Health

Most people view oral health as an isolated component of your overall wellbeing. Unfortunately,
evidence suggests that poor dental health can lead to a myriad of problems. In this short article,
we’ll overview some of the health complications that can arise from oral issues. You’ll see why it’s so
important to maintain good dental hygiene and receive regular dental check-ups.

Cardiovascular Problems

You might consider your mouth and your heart completely separate, but there’s growing evidence
that suggests this isn’t the case. Some research indicates that a buildup of bacteria in the mouth can
lead to oral infections, which in turn can cause heart attacks and clogged arteries. This is all the more
reason to ensure you’re keeping your mouth in excellent condition.


This is also an issue that involves the heart and your oral health. Endocarditis is an infection that
impacts the inner lining of your heart and causes health issues for those who suffer from it. It can
occur from of an infection in any part of the body – this includes the mouth. If you have a toothache
or an abscess, it’s important to treat it quickly if you want to avoid potential issues from


If you have oral cancer that goes untreated, this can spread to the rest of your body if the disease
advances. It’s imperative to catch any cancer in the early stages – not doing so makes it much harder
to beat. If you have a sore jaw, tooth, or a growth appears in your mouth, make sure to see a dentist
If you have a good dentist, they will perform an oral cancer check in your mouth during regular
checkups. This is another reason you should always visit a dentist regularly.

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