When Exactly Do Dental Visits Start

We all know that visiting the dentist at least twice a year is of utmost importance. While there are some people who do this religiously, most actually disregard this. In fact, a lot of us only remember that we have dentists when pain strikes.

Aside from fear of pain, the other reason why we all conveniently forget these professionals is because we never really got the habit of visiting them. Why? It’s maybe because our parents aren’t sure when the right age is to consult with them. And it also probably follows that we also don’t know, now that we are parents.

So when exactly do dental visits start?

Well, the most logical answer is: when your child starts eating other foods besides milk. That’s probably at the age of two or three when they are trying potatoes and carrots. In fact, you have probably introduced chocolate to them already, starting their sweet tooth. And that does make a lot of sense, right?

It is very important for children as young as toddlers to visit the dentist so that they will get used to the dental professional and their environment. Admittedly, there is something utterly nerve-racking about the fluorescent lights and drilling sounds. But if they do get introduced early, and if the importance of the dentist’s presence in their lives is explained well, then the child would not have the fear that some people have about oral health.

So if your child turns two, go and bring him to your dentist. If your child is way older than two (even if he or she is in high school already) and has not been to the dentist yet, go and get a schedule with the dentist as soon as possible.

You really do not want to wait for anything major to happen to your kids’ teeth before you go for a check-up. Remember, prevention is so much better than cure.

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